Tuesday Tutorials! - Autumn/Winter Get Ready with Me: My Everyday AW13 Makeup and Style!

aw13 Get Ready with Me! Video & OOTD
Hey everyone! Yesterday I decided to put together a Get Ready with Me video based on my everyday Autumn makeup. I've been avidly watching these kinds of videos by other YouTubers, and I love them! They're so fun and easy, and I've picked up a lot of practical ideas for quick everyday makeup, so I decided to do one of my own!
Recently, I've been loving minimal makeup with a darker statement lip. Normally, I tend to focus all my makeup on the eyes, so I'm enjoying going for more natural shadows and liner in favor of a berry tone lip colour! Let me know what you think.
Also featured in this video is a mini Outfit of the Day, showing what I wore into town and then later out for my Dad's birthday dinner (except with higher shoes, of course!) I'm currently in love with this outfit - check out this outfit post for more photos!

Bear in mind that this is only my second video, so I'm still getting to grips with the filming and editing process! The lighting in my room was really awful, but I hope it's still clear enough for you all to see. Hope you enjoy getting ready with me - leave me a comment, give me a thumbs-up, subscribe, whatever!

Love, as always,

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  1. I prefer minimal eyes and a statement lip myself. Kinder to your skin and just as great a look. Loving that lip colour