What's in my Suitcase?

Hi guys! Back today with another post, but something a little different today. This post was meant to be published a few days ago, but I have been finding it exceedingly difficult to find Wifi, decent Wifi, at least. As some of you may know, I'm currently holidaying in Edinburgh / Southend / London and decided to film the process of packing, as it is often pretty stressful for me! So, here it is!
This is my case. Unfortunately, I do not know what brand it is as I bought it a long, long time ago, but it's great. It's a good size and very sturdy. My recommendations with regards to buying suitcases are to find one with wheels that turn in every direction (like an office chair, if you get what I mean) as it makes negotiating heavy cases and busy airports much easier, and also to find cases with an "expander" zip (it makes the case deeper to allow for holiday purchases)! Also, before flying, be sure to tie a scarf or ribbon on the case handle to prevent any potential mix-ups at the baggage carousel!
Packing shoes first is a tradition of mine. It eases any worries of dirtying clothes with shoe soles or creasing lighter clothing! Make sure you wear your bulkier, heavier shoes while travelling - I always wear my workman's boots!
I checked the weather forecast before my trip to get an idea of what kinds of clothes I should bring with me. As the weather was hot and sunny for the most part, I brought light tops, skirts and dresses, with light jumpers and cardigans for layering. Many of these items were bought on my recent trip to Birmingham - I've been dying to weat them, so I brought them with me!
I really only use two tools on my hair usually: my GHDs and my wonderful new curlers from Aria Beauty. These are hands-down the most amazing curlers I've ever used and have the added benefit of being less damaging to hair! They can be tricky to get the hang of initially, but once you've had a little practise, you can do your whole head pretty quickly. I have a lot of hair, and can still manage to o it all in about 15 minutes and I've only been using them for a little while (I bought them while in Birmingham). The best thing about them, however, is the superamazing staying power of the curls - I usually have to wash my hair before the curls have dropped (I wash it every two days, but maintain that you will get at least 3 days out of your curls), and that is WITHOUT hairspray. Uh-huh, you read that right. I might do a review / tutorial with these soon, so let me know if you'd be interested in one of those!
My travel skincare / makeup bag! Due to the space conservation issues we encounter when packing, we are always forced to select only the best and brightest of our products, so here are my bare necessities!

Toner (not pictured) - Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic
Body Moisturiser - L'Occitane Verbena Body Lotion

Powder Blush - Benefit dandelion

When traveling with liquids, I advise passing on glass bottles in favour of plastic containers. This perfume, while not my favourite, comes in a plastic bottle with a handy spritzer, and seems to be less likely to explode or leak in my bag!
If I plan on taking a lot of jewellery, especially smaller, finer pieces, I usually put each item in a small resealable plastic bag and then pack all of these in one larger bag to prevent everything getting tangled. In this case, I had only a few chunkier items so I didn't need to!
This camera bag is great for the times when I only need to bring my camera and a lens or two. It's super light, easy to carry and very well padded for such a small case. It was a present, so unfortunately I'm not sure where it was bought!

So, aside for the items I really didn't way to display to the entire Internet, you have just seen the contents of my travel case! Hope this is interesting or helpful to any of you jetting off this summer!

Enjoy your holidays!
Lots of Love,

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