Crystal Heart.

Okay, I've been a really bad blogger recently, but things have just been so hectic! 
Valentine's Day was great. Liam and I went out for dinner in a gorgeous Chinese restaurant and then spent the rest of the evening watching Pokémon series 1 and Shaun of the Dead (romantic, I know!)

I chose to wear this dress for various reasons. 
1. I never ever ever get a chance to wear it because it's so... flouncy and sparkly!
2. It's the dress I was wearing when Liam and I first met, and he likes it, for that reason.

The heart necklace actually belonged to my mum, but I was always obsessed with it as a child. It went missing for a few years, but we eventually found it... in my cat's kennel thing. I guess we've got a kleptomaniac kitty!

As always, you can check out my Lookbook hither and my Chictopia thither.

Hope you all had a wonderful Valentine's Day!
Lots of Love,