Just back from one of my close friends' 18th birthday, and this is what I wore! Obviously, it was too dark in my lane to take any photos, so I had to resort to taking these grainy indoor ones. /:

I really love this dress. I ogled at it for months, literally, before finally getting it, with the intention of wearing it for my Christmas dress. However, I bought it at the end of summer, and couldn't wear it until December 25th, so I just gazed at it lustfully in my wardrobe until then! Me and this dress - proper love affair right there. 


I just love sparkles. I'm a total kleptomaniac! o.o

As always...

The party this evening was interesting, to say the least. As it was an 18th, copious amounts of alcohol were made available and, unfortunately were abused too. I hate seeing girls I know and respect throwing up everywhere and face-planting constantly. Personally, I don't drink. Not out of snobbery or being miserly, I just really never wanted to. As strange as this sounds, I have this odd innate fear of alcohol. Like, the substance. I feel really uncomfortable near glasses or bottles of alcohol, for some weird reason. Just one of my many ridiculous phobias...

Anyway, that concludes this ramble!
Night night everyone!



  1. Where did you get this from :O! its beautiful. :)

  2. Hey, there's nothing weird about being uncomfortable around drinks and alchohol, I've felt that way as well when I'm at a party where there's lots of people I don't know. You should be proud of yourself because no one really needs to drink poison, it only makes you look stupid and throw up later! :P

    It's kind of ironic too because yesterday I had a hangover..

    anyways, your blog is great, I love your style, keep it up!

    1. Sorry I didn't reply sooner! I didn't see this until now!
      Good to see that I'm not the only one who feels this way! I so agree with you!
      Thanks again for your lovely comment! (: x