Catch Me Like A Cold.

These past few days have flown by in a complete blur. It feels like I've had another non-weekend, those weekends that you spend all week anticipating but disappear in an instant. I've been experiencing an increasing amount of them lately.

Anyways, here's my latest look! Which can also be found on my Lookbook and on my newly-acquired Chictopia account!

I wore this to Liam's 18th birthday dinner. I also realised that I wore it to his birthday party last year too - an odd little coincidence! But it was lovely anyway, with him, his family, our mutual friend, Aaron, and oodles of noodles (they were too good to be true, really!) I'm just home now and about to start getting everything ready for Monday morning. This week is the final week before a whole load of exams, so wish me luck for surviving it!

Hope everything is going well for you all!
Lots of Love,


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